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Pleiades Publishing acquires Allerton Press

Allerton Press and Pleiades Publishing are pleased to inform you that Pleiades Publishing has acquired Allerton Press. We expect that this transaction will provide significantly increased exposure for the Allerton Press journals and the opportunity to considerably expand their influence in the changing world of scientific information.

Allerton Press, Inc., founded in 1971, publishes English translations of scientific and technical journals emanating from Russia, China, and Japan, as well as original titles in new or rapidly advancing disciplines. Currently, there more than fifty titles are published by Allerton Press that cover the broad areas of mathematics, chemistry/chemical engineering, physics, materials science/metallurgy, electronics/electrical engineering, mechanical engineering/mechanics, biological/medical sciences, earth/atmospheric sciences, agricultural sciences, and information processing and technologies. The "Russian Program" includes 45 titles. The authors of papers are leading scientists from Russia and abroad. Editorial boards of the journals include more than twenty members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and national academies, more than sixty professors and doctors of science. Many researchers from the United States, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, and other countries are the members of editorial boards.

Starting from 2007 Pleiades Publishing will offer Allerton Press titles the same level of services that Pleiades already provides for its 117 current journals: publication in both printed and electronic formats using up-to-date worldwide publishing standards; distribution via Springerlink, one of the two largest commercial databases for scientific literature; and indexing of journal abstracts in all appropriate databases. Pleiades Publishing provides its subscribers with scientific journals produced and delivered on time. In Springerlink, the articles from Allerton journals will exist among the best journals, and libraries of leading universities, and institutions the world over will have access to them. Since most readers today prefer electronic format, the electronic distribution of your journal is a necessary condition for further journal development, increased subscriptions and readers, and, hence, growth in citation indices and journal impact factor.

Pleiades Publishing is the leader in English-language scientific journals on the territory of the former Soviet Union and has been actively expanding over the last fifteen years. At present, under a package agreement with the Russian Academy of Sciences, Pleiades publishes the English-language versions of 117 of its vast core of Russian-language scientific journals ? comprising an annual volume of 116,000 journal pages. Pleiades Publishing translators, many of whom are field-grade specialists, alongside native-speaking style-editors from Great Britain, Canada, and the United States, render high-quality translations geared to meet international standards. Professionalism, organization, and a proactive production process ensure timely, simultaneous output of both the English and Russian versions of the academic journals – the very key to Pleiades' success.

Over the last three years, a large book holding was created on the basis of Pleiades Publishing, uniting ten renown Russian publishing entities under one roof, with a combined overall volume of 1000 titles per year. In addition to "MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica", the holding includes the following publishing houses: "Akademkniga" (Chemistry, Biology, Transport, Metallurgy); "Fizmatlit" (Mathematics, Physics, Information Science); "Zoomedlit" (Veterinary Science, Cattle Breeding, Microbiology); "KolosS" (Agriculture and Mechanical Engineering); "Medkniga" (Medicine); and the humanitarian and educational publishing houses "Flinta," "Yurist," "Economist," "Gardariki," and "Akademkniga/Uchebnik". Pleiades Publishing also operates in the countries of the CIS and Central Asia; in particular, the company completed a five-set collection of textbooks for the Republic of Tajikistan with a total circulation of more than two million copies.

Acting in the interest of a combined development, both Pleiades Publishing and Springer Science + Business Media entered into a long-term contract for distribution, promotion, and sale of journals and books in any medium or in any format, as well as reprinting of books, anthologies, biographical information, and other materials protected by copyright. This decision was dictated primarily by the leading tendencies in the world market for scientific information: the reduction of library funding and the simultaneous desire for universities to be united in consortia. Springer has agreements with 470 library consortia (4000 institutions in total) throughout the world, and Springerlink contains 1200 journals and 25 book series. The fact that the electronic database contains the English version of journals ensures easy access to them for people all over the world, including all significant universities and scientific centers. This incorporation of journals in the database means a considerable broadening of journal access for a wide range of foreign readers no matter what the total number of subscriptions to the printed version is. All these factors raise the citation index both of individual authors and of a journal as a whole.

The agreement between Pleiades Publishing and Springer presumes a substantial increase in the volume of information during the period of the contract. The appearance of additional works presumes the creation of new scientific and technological informational products that represent advanced science and technology, and form together with existing publications a unified scientific and technological informational product. All together, these form a database ? a common representation of scientific achievements in subject areas, which can be exhibited in various specific products.

The main project of Pleiades Publishing in the cooperation with Springer is called Russian Libarary of Science. This is an online library in English, which became a part of Springerlink. From 2006 all Pleiades Publishing titles appear in this online library. Soon it will also be supplemented with many book titles and monographs. Russian Science Library expects further development. The recent acquisition of Allerton Press by Pleiades Publishing is within the framework of the same tendencies. The distribution of Allerton Press titles through the Russian Science Library will allow them to expand their influence and have more responses to publications.

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