Frequent questions

You will find the most frequently asked questions from the authors in this section.

Choose a journal in the journal catalog. Click on the journal card. There you will find the address and contact information. Submit a manuscript and accompanying documents to the editorial board.

The publishers believe that there should not be any constraints on the length of a manuscript unless this is a short communication or a letter to the editor. The length of a manuscript should be justified by its content. However, specific journals may deviate from this practice. It is recommended to check the guidelines for authors for the journal in question. Also, the editorial board may request authors to adjust manuscript length.

This depends on the journal; please check with its editorial board.

Publishers do not require any additional documents, but they may be requested by the editorial board. Please inquire of the editorial board.

This information is available only from the editorial board. If you haven't received a reply within a reasonable period of time, please contact the editorial board by phone or e-mail.

This information is available only from the editorial board.

No. There is no publication fee.